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Why work with Prysm?

We develop customized tax strategies that help our Swiss and international clients protect their assets and optimize their taxes. If your tax situation is complex –for example, if you’re an expat, own your own business or have real estate or other holdings– we can provide solutions.

We also specialize in helping international companies manage tax-related issues. This can take the form of consulting services and/or administrative support regarding both staff and managers, particularly expatriates.

The Prysm approach

An experienced, stable team

The results of a successful tax strategy unfold over the long term –and that’s why it’s important to work with a stable team of seasoned tax specialists. Our people have extensive knowledge of Swiss and Swiss-related international tax regulations, and when necessary we can bring to bear an international network of on-the-ground correspondents for issues linked to specific foreign jurisdictions. And of course, we all speak English.

Swiss quality

We are committed to offering impeccable customer service. At Prysm, that means, first and foremost, taking the time. Taking the time to sit down with you, discuss your unique situation in detail, and understand it thoroughly. Then, we bring to bear our acknowledged expertise in the field. The result? A unique customized tax strategy for each and every Prysm client.

Independent mindset

We founded Prysm in order to be able to act independently, with the flexibility and responsiveness to design truly tailor-made solutions. We work exclusively in the interest of our clients, without any of the conflicts of interest that can arise in larger organizations. We put our clients first, spending our time and energy on them, not on some other agenda.

Our offering

Tax strategies

Effective tax planning isn’t piecemeal. A global approach is required, one that takes account of how all the different fiscal and financial dimensions affect each other over the long term.

  • Investments and real-estate financing
  • Retirement and pension planning
  • Estate planning
  • Wealth structuring
  • Exit strategies for your business

Tax support services

Our range of tax services aims to make our clients’ lives simpler. We handle the entire process of conceiving and filling out, filing and following up on your tax returns, and we also handle correspondence with the tax authorities, who have a longstanding relationship with Prysm.

  • Tax returns: preparation, filing and follow-up
  • Estimated tax calculations
  • Managing filing deadlines and appeals processes
  • Administration of double-taxation processes
  • Liaisons with tax authorities

Services for international companies

We can advise your HR department on the tax consequences of compensation and benefit packages for both your Swiss and expatriate staff. We negotiate tax agreements with the authorities and offer a range of administrative services.

  • Certificates stating employee incentive plan
  • Gross up calculations
  • Tax simulations
  • Tax support services for staff

Entrepreneur and small-business services

Our consulting and administrative services can also be of great help to small businesses. We can help owners and managers with:

  • Creating the company
  • Payroll and accounting
  • Tax support
  • Compensation policy

Our clients

Our services are designed for people in complex tax situations who require a long-term vision for their tax strategy. Our clients include expats, senior management and entrepreneurs.


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