Tax strategy

We cut through the complexity

We’ve been developing personalized tax optimization strategies for Swiss and international clients for more than 20 years. Drawing on our in-depth knowledge and experience, we consider all facets of your situation. to help you keep your tax bill to a minimum.

Our tax strategy services

Tax returns

We prepare tax returns for individuals, companies and self-employed people based in any Swiss canton.​ This includes performing risk assessments of how tax officials might respond to certain aspects of your return.


Are you thinking about buying real estate, or switching jobs? Or is your family situation going to change? By running simulations, we’ll evaluate the tax consequences of various scenarios so that you make tax-wise decisions.

Tax planning

We can help you with short-, medium- and long-term tax planning, such as to prepare for retirement, start a new business or change your tax residence.​


We can advise you on the tax implications of important issues like estate planning, relocation within Switzerland or abroad, business founder compensation, severance packages and more.

Tax negotiations

We’ll negotiate on your behalf with tax officials in any Swiss canton to reach an agreement on things like tax residence, employee incentive plans, business expenses and company valuations.

What sets us apart

Tax optimization is our core business. No matter how complex your situation may be, our priority will be to find ways to reduce your tax burden while staying compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

Even if you only use our accounting or payroll services, we will still evaluate the tax implications of those business processes and make expert recommendations.

We have a wide range of tax optimization strategies. They could include changing the way certain items are accounted for, creating a company, setting up a customized pension fund, or reallocating the assets in your portfolio. We use our experience – combined with lateral thinking – to come up with an effective strategy for lowering your taxes.

The Prysm advantage

Customized service

At Prysm, we’ve been assisting companies and individuals with complex tax situations – including those that span several countries – for over 20 years. Our specialists have pretty much seen it all.

Swiss excellence

We believe in a job well done. We’ll take the time to get to know you, your needs and your concerns. So we’ll take the time to get to know you, your needs and your concerns.

Strength of a team

Our team consists of specialists with a full range of skills in Swiss and international taxation. By pooling our know-how and drawing on our global contact network, we can address even highly complicated tax issues.