Payroll & HR

Let our team help yours

Outsource your HR to us: we’ll manage all aspects of your payroll and human resources, including issues related to work permits, taxes, pension plans and more. We’ll even handle the administrative tasks and paperwork and coordinate employee benefits.

Our payroll & HR services


We’ll handle all steps of the payroll process: calculating the amounts to pay, entering payment orders, generating pay slips and annual salary statements, and setting up withholding and payroll taxes. ​

Human resources

As your outsourced HR team, we’ll take care of all issues related to employment contracts, work permit requests, unemployment benefits and retirement, addressing any concerns directly with local officials. We also ensure your HR policies are aligned with employment laws and regulations.


We provide valuable insight into the tax implications of your compensation policy, including compensation levels, employee benefits, fringe benefits and incentive plans. We’ll also examine your company’s practices in light of the applicable employment law, for instance with regard to employee termination, sick leave..etc.

Secure online portal

Your company can make use of our secure online portal, where each employee will be given a personal account for viewing pay slips, accident reports, annual salary statements and other HR documents.

Tax planning

Taxes are a pivotal issue in managing your human resources, especially when it comes to employee mobility and retention. Our specialists can advise you on all tax-related issues associated with your workforce.​

What sets us apart

In providing our payroll and HR services, we also keep a close eye on the tax implications of these business processes. Experience has shown that by helping companies keep taxes under control, we help them enhance their value proposition as an employer.

Attracting and retaining skilled workers and managers has become a real challenge for businesses. That’s especially true today with the expansion in remote working and employee mobility, as well as the growth in the number of cross-border workers, posted workers and employees of companies not located in Switzerland.

We’ll examine how you can use split payrolls, shadow payrolls, pension plans and withholding taxes to hire and keep key people. Our specialists will assist you in structuring your operations and developing customized arrangements that let you offer attractive pay packages while complying with applicable laws and regulations.

The Prysm advantage

Customized service

We’ve been advising businesses of all sizes and in just about every industry since 2004. Our broad experience and agile team means we can provide tailored support, drawing on the detailed knowledge we’ve acquired of your company.

Swiss excellence

We believe in a job well done. Our services cover every aspect of payroll and human resources, including interactions with tax officials, social security offices and pension funds. And we’re responsive – regardless of your query, you’ll get a reply within 48 hours.

Strength of a team

Thanks to the wide range of skills within our team, we can advise you on all HR-related matters – whether legal, tax-based, financial, administrative or otherwise.